Franz Huber's Program Projects


Last Update: 23.2.2024

All programs are free and for private use only. It's not permitted to sell or distribute
any program files or to put direct links to my private cloud folder on other websites -
you have to link to this website instead!


  • CB-Emu_Pro (Chess Computer Emulator)   (new version!)
    Emulator for about 500 chess computer versions (based on MAME/MESSUI)
    (includes now MessChess for usage in any UCI/WB-GUI)
    Download from my private cloud folder CB-Emu
  • Tasc-Emu (Tasc Chess Emulator)   
    Emulation of the Tasc Final ChessCard & ChessMachine (based on MAME)
    (complete collection of all existing chess engines: King/Gideon/Rebel)
    Download from my private cloud folder CB-Emu
  • Chess-DOS-VirtualMachine   
    Virtual DOS-Machine (2 versions) with almost all old DOS chess programs
    Top10 (10 major programs) & Collection (about 220 program versions)
    Download from my private cloud folder DOS-Chess
  • ChestUCI v5.2   Download
    One of the world´s best and fastest matesolver ( Chest-Homepage )
  • PopeyeUCI v1.8   Download
    Special matesolver for non-orthodox problems ( Popeye-Homepage )
  • MaterUCI v3.2   Download
    Simple matesolver (modified & improved version of 'Mater' by V.Albillo)
  • ChestUCI-DB   Download
    Most recent version of ChestUCI-database (>6600 mate problems)


  • Somofi v8.0
    My original Solar/Lunar-Eclipse program (German, DOS-version!)
  • WinSomofi v8.1
    Improved current Windows version of Somofi (English)


  • TVM-Calc Pro 2015
    The ultimate program for Time Value of Money & CashFlow calculations!
  • LinOpt v6.0
    Linear Optimization program (Simplex-Method, with multiple solutions!)
  • DateCalc v1.2
    Tool for Date calculations (Date/JDN, Date infos, Days between Dates ...)